KS 28463 D ed/cs - Freestanding refrigerator With PerfectFresh Pro and FlexiLight for longer freshness and optimum lighting.--Stainless steel/CleanSteel
  • With PerfectFresh Pro and FlexiLight for longer freshness and optimum lighting.--Stainless steel/CleanSteel
  • Fascia/control panel-Stainless steel/CleanSteel-

KS 28463 D ed/cs
Freestanding refrigerator With PerfectFresh Pro and FlexiLight for longer freshness and optimum lighting.

  • Food stays fresh for up to 5 x longer with PerfectFresh Pro
  • Individually adjustable glass shelf lighting thanks to FlexiLight
  • Door shelves can be cleaned in the dishwasher - ComfortClean


    Easy to clean: the high-quality shelves on the inside of the door can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Stainless steel/CleanSteel
Price: MYR 21,200.00*
* Unit Price in MYR is inclusive VAT.

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KS28463 D ed/cs

Product details - KS 28463 D ed/cs

Appliance category 
Construction type 
Freestanding appliance*The spacers supplied with the appliance must be used in order to achieve the declared energy consumption values. The spacers increase the depth of the appliance by up to approx. 3.5 cm. The appliance is fully functional without the spacers but the energy consumption will be slightly higher. This only applies to freestanding appliances in energy efficiency class A++ or A+++.
Door hinge
Convertible door hinging
Side-by-side enabled


Selected refrigerators and freezers, for 140 cm niche hieghts and above can be installed next to each. Some freestanding appliances can also be conveniently combined together. Depending on your product selection the matching refrigerator or freezer will be listed under “side-by-side combination”.
Casing colour
Stainless steel CleanSteel
Front colour
Stainless steel/CleanSteel
Refrigeration section lighting


Glare-free and flexible: the individually adjustable LED glass shelf lighting.
PerfectFresh Pro LED lighting
User convenience 
Networking with Miele@home

Connected Home with Miele@home*

Make your life smart: thanks to Miele@home*, you can cleverly network your domestic appliances – for more options.
Additional digital offer from Miele & Cie. KG. All smart applications are made possible with the Miele@home system. The range of functions can vary depending on the model and the country.
Accessories required for Miele@home
XKS 3100 W
Freshness system
PerfectFresh Pro

PerfectFresh Pro

Long-lasting freshness: ideal temperatures and high humidity keep fruit and veg fresh up to five times longer. 


Easy to clean: the high-quality door shelves can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher.


Even temperature distribution: a fan ensures excellent circulation and distribution of the cold air.
XL interior


Quiet and reliable closing: the gently self-closing doors prevent items from falling out. 


Crisper drawers offer maximum convenience: the particularly smooth-running drawers can be pulled out completely and easily. This allows you to access all stored food easily. You can experience the SelfClose feature when you close the drawers, as a light push is sufficient to allow them to glide gently back into the appliance.
Concealed door opener


Opening made easy: even handleless appliances can be opened with ease thanks to the lever action.
Silence system

Silence system

Barely audible: our Silence system with optimised cooling system and sound insulation.
Operating concept
Automatic SuperCool
No. of temperature zones
Sabbath mode

Sabbath mode

The Sabbath mode serves to support religious customs. The interior lighting, all acoustic signals and the actual temperature display are all switched off when the appliance door is opened. The refrigerating and/or freezer performance of the appliance is not hindered in any way by the Sabbath mode, because the compressor continues to function.
Party mode

Party mode 

Party mode is useful if you need to cool or freeze large quantities of food and drinks quickly, and make ice cubes, for example, if you are expecting a large number of guests. SuperCool and SuperFreeze are switched on automatically: the refrigerator and the freezer are cooled down rapidly to their lowest temperature.
Holiday mode

Holiday mode 

Holiday mode is useful when you go on holiday, for example, if you do not wish to switch off the refrigerator completely. The refrigerator is regulated to a temperature of approx. 14–15 °C, remaining in operation whilst also saving energy. This prevents the build-up of odours and mould which can occur if the refrigerator is switched off. The temperature in the freezer remains unchanged.
QuickCool Timer
Fridge/Fridge section 
No. of shelves
of which illuminated
Chrome-plated metal bottle rack
No. of crisper drawers
Half-width door shelves
Door rack for bottles
Lock function
Acoustic door alarm
Optical door alarm
Technical data 
Appliance width in mm
Appliance height in mm
Appliance depth in mm
Weight in kg
Climate class
including PerfectFresh zone in l
Current consumption (mA)
Voltage in V
Fuse rating in A
Length of supply lead in m
Replacing lamps
Customer Service
Number of phases
Standard accessories 
Butter dish
Egg tray
Image(s) as examples, to illustrate
*Unit Price in MYR is inclusive VAT.
**Unit Price in MYR is inclusive VAT.
MYR 21,200.00
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