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Things worth knowing about Miele downdraft systems

Miele cooker hoods in motion

The ideal position for every work situation

The very best in ergonomics, highly efficient extraction and perfect integration into the kitchen - Miele technology. It’s simply stunning.

Downdraft systems

The elegant solution behind the hob

In addition to the wide range of wall and island cooker hoods, ceiling extractors and integrated cooker hoods, Miele has developed downdraft systems for integration into a worktop.

Appliance widths

How wide does your cooker hood need to be?

How wide does the cooker hood need to be? This depends firstly on the width of the hob and secondly on the size of your kitchen. It is important for the cooker hood to be slightly wider than the hob below it. Only then can you be certain of capturing all the rising steam and vapours and benefit fully from the cooker hood’s power. If there is not enough space for this, then the cooker hood should be at least as wide as the hob.

Operating modes

The right mode for every space configuration

Intelligent technology ensures an optimum room climate - in every kitchen situation.

Miele filter systems for recirculation mode

Cleaner air thanks to active charcoal filters 

Miele recirculation mode cooker hoods are particularly efficient in removing odours. This is ensured by a special active charcoal filter that reliably absorbs odours. The clean air is then circulated back into the kitchen. This process is particularly energy-saving because, unlike extraction mode, there is no heat loss. To remove odours, Miele offers various active charcoal filters that ensure clean air while cooking. The selection of filters depends on the model.

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