motHeadline: Steam and Bake Classes

Steam and Bake Classes

Cooking Class

Come learn the fine art of baking desserts and breads of all shapes and forms; whilst learning the essentials and the power of steaming through the Miele steam oven! These double-themed classes will teach the basics and the advanced of baking and steaming with either a Miele Home Economist or a celebrated chef.

Available locations Miele Lounge
Included services

The Miele Steam and Bake Classes will teach customers the essentials of baking, steaming, roasting and general cooking with Miele appliances. The usual appliances covered are:

  • Ovens
  • Steam Ovens
  • Combination Steam Ovens

Dates and Times

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To register your interest, kindly contact the Miele Lounge at +603-6205 0288 or e-mail


Contact the Miele Lounge at +603-6205 0288 for more information about the Steam and Bake Classes, or send a mail to